Floral Redware Pot

Item Number: 7000
Fair Market Value: $65.00
Donor: Nolde Forest Pottery


Cutting Board with Bowl and Spreader

Handmade 10x13" Walnut Cheese Board, 6 1/2" ceramic cheese plate, 4 1/2" ceramic bowl (perfect size for a cheese ball). 2 ceramic bowls for condiments and an 18x18" natural linen napkin made by Sheila Shuman. Also includes Spreader made by Jason Weymouth, Carved Wooden Spoons in Brunswick Maine.

Item Number: 7002
Fair Market Value: $125.00
Donor: Sheila Shuman


Custom Painting of your home by Albert Ciervo

Custom Painting by Berks County Artist Albert Ciervo.

Item Number: 7004
Fair Market Value: $250.00
Donor: Albert Ciervo


Signed Bob Timberlake Picture and Book


Book Titled Headed Home by Bob Timberlake and Mark Erwin
Copy of Original Garden Picture Painted by Bob Timberlake

Item Number: 7005 

Fair Market Value: $90.00
Donor: Chris & Cheryl Wagner


"On the Green in Olde New Castle"

Framed Print from original watercolor. Signed and numbered (48/700)
by the artist in 1987

Item Number: 7006
Fair Market Value: $75.00
Donor: Will & Lynn Eagleson


"Winter Carnival" by Janet Munro

Framed Poster from New York State Historical Association.

Item Number: 7007
Fair Market Value: $75.00
Donor: Will & Lynn Eagleson


"Working the Inlet" by Anton J. Kleiner

Item Number: 7008
Fair Market Value: $250.00
Donor: Anton J. Kleiner


"Autumn Joy" by Nancy Wissinger

Item Number: 7009
Fair Market Value: $300.00
Donor: Nancy Wissinger


Gold Fish Oil Painting

Item Number: 7010
Fair Market Value: $150.00
Donor: Beth Carson


"My Favorite Heirlooms" By Mary Button

Framed Oil Painting.

Item Number: 7012
Fair Market Value: $250.00
Donor: Mary Button


Tuscan Scene Art Oil Painting

Framed Oil Painting.

Item Number: 7013
Fair Market Value: $150.00
Donor: Nathan Mayo


"Secret Garden" By Mary Button

Framed Three Dimensional Bonded Bronze Art.

Item Number: 7014
Fair Market Value: $275.00
Donor: Mary Button


Lazy Susan

Maple, Cherry, & Walnut. 15" in Diameter.

Item Number: 7015
Fair Market Value: $75.00
Donor: Urban Timber, Adam Deemer


Hand Hooked Zebra Carpet Bag by Cyndi Fisher

Item Number: 7016
Fair Market Value: $500.00
Donor: Larry & Cyndi Fisher


Painted Inspirational Art

Item Number: 7017
Fair Market Value: $80.00
Donor: Lisa Ermentrout


A Kidd's guide to Graphic Design

Sketching and Drawing Pencils, Pad, Tools, Instructions & Portable Easel. Two Author-Signed Books by Chip Kidd, Wyomissing Native and Random House Graphic Designer.

Item Number: 7018
Fair Market Value: $95.00
Donor: Mrs. Ann Kidd and Friend

Calligraphy or Acrylic Painting Lessons

Winners Choice: Calligraphy or Acrylic Painting Lessons. 3 one hour lessons at your home or artist's studio.

Phyllis holds a BA in art education and if Director of Visual Arts at the Yocum Institute of Arts. She also has also taught art therapy at JPII for the past seven years.

Item Number: 7019
Fair Market Value: $120.00
Donor: Phyllis Moser


Unique Wood Necklace

Necklace made out of purple heart wood.

Item Number: 7020
Fair Market Value: $22.00
Donor: Urban Timber


Coffee Table Made From Antique Dresser

Item Number: 7021
Fair Market Value: $375.00
Donor: Benches and Boxes by John Reshetar


Painted Chair by Cheryl Wagner

Item Number: 7022
Fair Market Value: $125.00
Donor: Chris & Cheryl Wagner


Octopus Painting by Hilary Good

11x14 Watercolor Painting.

Item Number: 7023
Fair Market Value: $125.00
Donor: Hilary Good


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