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Thank You

Helping Students & Adults Find Their Voices

It’s our mission at John Paul II Center to acknowledge the dignity of all learners by providing children and adults with disabilities with a safe place to learn. To carry out our mission, we look to our community for support. We would like to thank everyone who joined us for our 9th Annual Legacy Gala and made the night a huge success. Because of this support, more students and adults like Angel can find their voices at JPII!

Take a look at Angel’s story:

Visualizing Your Support

We are blessed for all of the support we received on Gala night, but fund-a-need allows us to SHOW YOU exactly how your donations affect our students and adults. Because of your donations during the fund-a-need portion of our Gala, individuals will be able to continue to receive services like occupational, speech, music, and behavioral therapies, as well as adaptive physical education.

Number of Sessions Funded by Service:

Speech Therapy

670 Sessions

Behavioral Therapy

670 Sessions

Occupational Therapy

670 Sessions

Music Therapy

670 Sessions

Adaptive Physical Education

75 Sessions

Total sessions from donations

2,755 Sessions

Want to See For Yourself?

If you would like to get a closer look at all the great things that are happening at JPII, why not take a tour to see for yourself? You can even set up your tour around lunch time and enjoy lunch made by our students in our learning kitchen.

To set up a tour, give us a call at 610-777-0605 or email Melissah Jablonski by clicking below.

Congratulations Michael & Diane Duff

We would like to say congratulations and thank you to our Halo Award winners, Michael and Diane Duff. They embody the spirit of JPII’s mission and through their tireless support of the center have helped to ensure that our students and adults can be challenged on a daily basis to reach their God-given potential.

“From the moment we stepped foot inside the building, it was abundantly clear that JPII is a happy place – a place where kids and adults are happy to be among so many loving teachers and classmates, and are happy to reach their God-given potential.”
-Michael Duff

Photos from Gala are generously provided by A W Styer Photography

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