Sal and Nanette Cutrona, Halo Award Honorees

Canceling our physical Legacy Gala also meant that we

are unable to gather and thank our Halo Award honorees,

Sal and Nanette Cutrona.  Their support has been paramount

in providing our students with the technology that allows

them to not only complete their schoolwork, but also

communicate with staff and their families.

“Sal and Nanette joined our JPII community family at a time when we were trying to move our program to the next level,” explains JPII Principal Mary Adams.  “We were expanding our services and who we were serving.  Their assistance made it possible to accomplish it all. They saw our vision and supported our mission to help more children with disabilities and start a much-needed program for adults with disabilities.  Our friendship has grown over the years, with them following our many triumphs and challenges.  They again assisted when we needed to move forward with technology.  Their dedication and support made it possible for us to provide state of the art technology to ensure the success of our students and adults.  Thank you, Sal and Nanette, for helping us carry out our vision and mission.”

“We are humbled and deeply honored to accept this year’s John Paul II Halo Award,” says Sal Cutrona, Sr.

“Our journey with John Paul II began with Jack and Peggy Horrigan’s invitation to take a short trip to see what they labeled ‘a very special place.’  That special place was an office complex in West Reading that housed the John Paul II School for children with special needs.   They were right – it was indeed a very ‘special’ place,” notes Nanette Cutrona.  

“One thing led to another, and our involvement with the school grew and led us to where we find ourselves today.  Through the efforts of so many dedicated and generous donors and volunteers, great things happened at John Paul II.  A prestigious and competent Board of Trustees was established; a new school was built; all students and faculty were provided with i-Pad technology to enhance their learning and teaching skills respectively; the adult program was established; and brand new facilities were added to the new school to accommodate the growing primary, secondary, and new adult education needs.  Nanette and I were happy to contribute to these successes in some small way,” explains Sal Cutrona, Sr.

“We support John Paul II Center for Special Learning because it is exceptional,” says Nanette Cutrona. “Exceptional staff providing exceptional students – children and adults – with exceptional instruction, guidance, and understanding delivered with exceptional and unconditional love.”


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    Sarah & Joe Cutrona says:

    Sal & Nanette love their JPII community family! We hear about all you do for so many families. Keep up the great work and thanks Sal & Nanette for supporting the JPII community like only you could do!

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      JASON GRIMM says:

      Great to see this! Congratulations Sal and Nannette on this recognition for your efforts toward a great cause!

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      Sal & Nanette Cutrona says:

      Thank you both for your very kind words!

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