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Working Toward the Future

Like anyone else in high school, our secondary students often tailor their classwork to prepare for life after school.  John Paul II Center is all about giving our students the tools and skills necessary to not only be independent post-graduation, but to earn a job as well.


Through coursework and various programs, we at JPII strive to set each student up for success in the real world.  Each family will work one on one with a transition team to assess and determine what life may be like once a student leaves the JPII Center.  One way we prepare each student for post-graduation life is by implementing life skills into many classroom lesson plans (from primary through secondary).  It’s really a two way street.

For example, our secondary students will go grocery shopping, prepare, and cook food for the school to purchase, three days a week.  Throughout the preparation process of each meal, students will need to utilize skills like math and social cues to purchase groceries and measure out ingredients for each dish.

On the other hand, students are using math, reading, and social skills to prepare meals, thus working on their independence in the process.

Independence leading to work

Another great opportunity students have at JPII is the ability to participate in our Work for Independence program.  Through this initiative, students in our secondary class are able to try out local works sites such as Freedom Auto Group, Berks Catholic High School, and the Reading Hospital.

Each site comes with its own unique opportunities, allowing students to explore different career options for life after graduation.  But that’s not all.  We have a dedicated staff member to accompany students to each site for positive reinforcement.  Throughout their time in the program, students also develop a resume, cover letter, and picture portfolio.

Time spent at each work site gives each student the possibility of earning a job after school.  That is something to look forward too.


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