Beat the Summer Slump

Beating the Summer Slump is tough but we’ve compiled a list of go-to’s to start your Summer off on the right foot and carry you through those tough dog days of the heat.  We hope this will help give you some ideas about what you can do this summer to...

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BCTCC EmployAbility Expo

From the time students start at JPII there is emphasis placed on independence. As each individual progresses toward graduation, they are able to participate in transitional activities such as our Work for Independence Program, preparing a resume, and attending events like the BCTCC EmployAbility Expo. “The MISSION of BCTCC is...

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Working Toward the Future

Like anyone else in high school, our secondary students often tailor their classwork to prepare for life after school.  John Paul II Center is all about giving our students the tools and skills necessary to not only be independent post-graduation, but to earn a job as well. Transition Through coursework...

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