Math Special Education

Math Skills for Individuals

Math is a subject that goes far beyond answering equations on a sheet of paper.  While much of our math curriculum uses the Saxon Math program, the level of the curriculum is largely based on student needs, current skill level, and the class in which a student is enrolled.

For instance, our Intermediate class follows level K through 2nd grade in the Saxon Math series.  However, Saxon Math is great for students of all skill levels because each lesson is student-paced and easily broken down to assist students in mastering basic math facts and skills needed for Life Skills.

Our Multi-Disabilities class uses manipulatives in the Saxon Math program to practice various calendar exercises.  Once fundamentals are learned, students are able to move on to more advanced practices.

More than just 1+1

Apart from textbook mathematics, students are taught various skills that will prepare them to experience the world on their own.

• Telling time, time management, and elapsed time are all key skills when transitioning to the work force.  Learning how to manage time, estimate timed-tasks, and checking to ensure you were paid the correct amount by your employer are all vital skills to successfully transition to life after 21.  And while these ideas may be more important for our Secondary class, time fundamentals are taught in each classroom at JPII.

Banking skills, such as identifying currency and adding and subtracting money, are skills that Primary and Intermediate can use to build upon. By the time students are in Secondary, fundamentals can be applied to scenarios like adding sales tax, balancing a checkbook, and running the cash register at lunch.

• Measuring is a skill that is often utilized in the kitchen (Secondary). Doubling ingredient measurements and following recipes requires fundamental math skills that are taught throughout school.

• Technology is something that is utilized to reinforce math fundamentals.  iPads and Smartboard technology are used in an effort to make information more accessible, more fun, and more efficient.