Inclusion at John Paul II Center

Special Education at JPII

Just like life, John Paul II Center’s school age program is a journey for children with disabilities that starts as young as three years old. With small classes and a focus on individualized attention, we are able to foster learning, creativity, and spirituality.

• Starting with our Primary classes, we are able to plant the seeds of learning early on in a child’s life. With structured classrooms, students work in an environment that allows them to develop their strengths through modeling, positive feedback, and adaptations.

• By focusing on academics and functional skills, our Intermediate classes are able to nourish their love for learning while creating a pathway toward independence. Through small group sessions, students are able to become more confident in their abilities.

• Our Secondary classes were developed based on three key components: Goal-oriented classroom instruction, school-wide jobs, and our Work for Independence program. With a focus on real-world functional skills, each student learns and grows in preparation for life after graduation.

• Providing ongoing care and support, our Multi-Disabilities classes aim to improve physical abilities and quality of life. To prepare for integrated community settings, students learn through the use of technology, adaptive equipment, and social experiences.

“This school has been a safe haven for my son to thrive and spread his wings to soar.”
-JPII Parent

Through caring instruction, students at JPII learn, grow, and prepare for life after graduation in a positive environment. Based on availability, graduating students may have the option to move directly to our 21+ Adult Program, giving them the opportunity to continue developing skills while making individual needs a priority.

If you would like to take a tour of John Paul II Center, please contact us to schedule a time.  We promise, you will be inspired.  If you are looking for adult care, please take a look at our Adult Program.