Every Child is a gift from GodEvery Child a Gift From God

JPII is a Catholic school in Berks County.  Our goal is to connect God to our world, teach students to be examples for God, and help spread his good news.

Our Catholic Faith is the foundation on which we build our school community. Christ is at the center of everything we do.  Our belief is every child is a gift from God whom should be cherished and loved. Every one of God’s children has something to offer no matter their ability level.

Religion is part of the curriculum and taught in the classroom every day. Teachers utilize a variety of materials for instruction. Christian morals and values are integrated into every subject area throughout the day. Prayers are taught and recited within each classroom and as a school community.

The liturgical seasons are celebrated throughout the year with Mass, prayer services, and activities focusing on the season. Mass is celebrated at least once a month. Priests are invited from local parishes to celebrate Mass and Penance Services during Advent and Lent. Mrs. Kaczmarek, our liturgical music coordinator, teaches our students the music for Mass and coordinates and plans the liturgy as well. The students actively participate in the Masses and services by reading, cantering, altar serving, and taking up the gifts. All students are able to participate in some capacity based on their ability level.

The students who are catholic are prepared to receive the sacraments in school or in their home parish. Mrs. Kaczmarek provides sacramental prep and assistance to the teachers for religious instruction. The students are taught at their ability level and have the opportunity to progress at their own pace to receive the sacraments.

Fact: 2/3 of our students are non-catholic. We take children and adults of all faith. There is no discrimination.