JPII Memorials and Tributes

Memorial and tribute gifts are a wonderful way to honor a loved one.  Not only is this type of giving both thoughtful and generous, but it’s a great way to contribute to John Paul II Center for Special Learning as well.  When you do this, an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the honoree or their family and the gift amount will remain confidential.

Honoring someone for a special occasion is a wonderful way to show that you appreciate them. Examples of special occasions might be birthdays, thank you’s, weddings, baptism anniversaries, 1st Communions, graduations, confirmations, or special holidays.

Remembering someone when they pass away allows you to make a lasting gift to someone in honor of their life.  Please take comfort in knowing that your loved one’s memory will be honored each day by helping to enrich the lives of all of the students and adults at John Paul II Center.