Preparing for Life

Life skills are an important part of education at JPII.  Not only do we educate students on core values, but we teach each individual the fundamental skills necessary for life outside of school.

As a way to reinforce life skills, they are built-in to the curriculum.

An Important Part of Transition

Special EducationBy applying basic forms of math, reading, and writing to specific tasks, life skills become common practice.

For example, as a way to practice core math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills are used while working in the kitchen.  Measuring ingredients and following recipes are simple, yet effective ways to reinforce math and practice in a hands-on environment.

Aside from cooking, our lunch program provides students with real-world experience opportunities as well; shopping, budgeting, and utilizing real money is all part of our “lunch crew’s” duties.

Not only do students actually take trips to the grocery store, but they are responsible for utilizing a budget to purchase the ingredients they need for planned meals.

Other life skills include doing the laundry, good hygiene practices, managing a personal checking account, and time-telling.  For more on our Transition program, take a look at our Transition page.