An Easy Way to Give to JPII

At JPII, we make it easy to support the school by offering various ways to give.  One of the most simple ways to give to the school is through shopping.  You read that correctly; shopping!  JPII currently participates in four School Rewards Programs, allowing the school to earn rewards from everyday purchases.  The programs are as follows:

do it LOCAL

Have you joined the “do it LOCAL” movement yet?

“do it LOCAL” is a mobile app that offers exclusive deals at over 110 favorite locally owned establishments throughout Berks County!  For a list of current businesses, click here.

“do it LOCAL” memberships are only $25 for a year of awesome savings.

You will be happy to know that $15 of the $25 membership goes directly to the John Paul II Center! It’s a Win-Win!  You save extra money at locally owned favorites around town AND we raise funds. To start saving (and help JPII), click the button below.

Join Do It LOCAL

Download the app:

It’s a Gift!

Shop anytime at It’s a Gift! located at 720 Penn Avenue in West Reading and 10% of your total will be donated to JPII by completing two simple steps. After you check out, take a photo of your receipt with your phone. Then, send the photo of your receipt to That’s it! JPII will then receive the rebate money quarterly. Those funds will be put to good use by providing our students and adults with much-needed school supplies. Thank you in advance for patronizing and shopping at It’s a Gift!

Giant Bonus Card

card_shadowEvery time you shop at Giant and use your bonus card, you can earn money for John Paul II Center.  All you need to do is register your card for JPII.  Simply contact the school and we will do it for you.  If you do not have a bonus card, stop by the customer service desk at any local Giant Food Store to get your free card.  For more information on the Giant Bonus Card, you can visit their site here.

Redner’s Warehouse Markets

imgresIf you register for a Redner’s Pump Perks/Save-A-Tape card, each time you shop 1% of your purchases will go to JPII, if so designated.  This can all be done, one time, at the information desk.  After that, just save your tapes and then turn them into JPII.  We will then send them in and receive the funds.  More information can be found here.

General Mills Box Tops for Education

ImageCA84I5U8You can earn cash for JPII by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating General Mills products.  Simply cut off your labels and then turn them into the school.  We receive 10 cents for each label.  You can view the Box Tops website here and even see how much John Paul II Center has earned this year!

Campbell Soup Labels

Lables-for-Education-LogoTurn your Campbell Soup labels into JPII and the school can receive free educational merchandise, such as computers, software, sports equipment, musical instruments, and library books.  More information can be found here.