Getting to Know: Brynn Haas

Mrs. Berkhammer has once again taken to the field to get the scoop on our newest teacher, Brynn Haas, who is in charge of our new Intermediate II/Life Skills classroom.

Mrs. Berkhammer: Brynn, first off welcome to JPII! Could you give us a little background on your teaching experience?

Ms. Haas: To start, I graduated from Wilson High School in 2011 and went on to graduate Lock Haven in 2015 with Pre-K-4th grade and Special Education Pre-K-4th grade certifications. I am currently in pursuit of my master’s degree at Lock Haven. As far as teaching experience goes, I previously taught 1st grade at a school in North Carolina and at a school in Chester County.

Mrs. B: Tell us about your family….

Ms. H: Patrick McCullough is my cousin and I attended all his shows and school functions, so I was very familiar with JPII before I took the teaching position. I love my family and we are very close. This summer, I went on a family vacation to New Jersey with my dad, stepmom, grandparents, and brother.

Mrs. B: Let’s talk favorites. Tell us your favorite thing about JPII….

Ms. H: Getting to know all my students in Intermediate II has been a lot of fun and I love Music Therapy with Miss Long.

Mrs. B: Do you have a favorite food?

Ms. H: French Fries, hold the ketchup.

Mrs. B: How about your favorite color?

Ms. H: Gray!

Mrs. B: Music?

Ms. H: Country, especially Brad Paisley.

Mrs. B: Do you have any hobbies?

Ms. H: I really enjoy cooking. My signature dish is meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Mrs. B: That sounds delicious and we look forward to your dish at potluck (hint hint). Next question. Do you have any pets?

Ms. H: I do! I have a dog named Dingo and a chinchilla named Charlotte.

Mrs. B: Last but not least, we understand you have some exciting news….

Ms. H: Yes, I actually just purchased a house, which keeps me busy! A lot of my spare time has been spent cleaning and landscaping.

Mrs. B: That wraps up this edition of Getting to Know. Come back next month for a new report from the field!


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    Kathleen A Dear says

    Really enjoy working with Ms Haas, it’s a fun and challenging class that allows us to learn something new each day!

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