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JPII Playground Days

Are you looking for a safe, accessible playground in Berks County for your child or adult with special needs? We have you covered at John Paul II Center. On May 17 and June 21, we will be opening our playground to the public for our “Playground Days,” designated specifically for those that need a more accessible place to play.
Our playground features:

• A wheelchair swing
• Wheelchair-friendly safety turf
• Two adult safety swings
• Two child safety swings
• Standard swings
• Conversation swings
• A shaded porch
• Jungle Gym complete with slides
• Funnel Ball
• Garden

We will have staff members on site to ensure a safe atmosphere. Individuals must be accompanied by an adult. Find us or contact us with questions:

John Paul II Center for Special Learning
1092 Welsh Road, Shillington, PA 19607

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