The World is Calling

John Paul II Center’s Adult Program is part of a lifelong journey that encourages individuals to find meaning in everyday life. Starting at age 21, adults with disabilities are empowered by choice, allowing them to choose daily activities designed to promote confidence and provide opportunities to maintain and develop new skills.

We strive to provide a superior level of care and guidance on multiple levels of service, which enables us to give each individual the attention they need in order to be successful.

Let’s Create an Inclusive Community, Together

How you can help

Many of our individuals just want to fit in, work, learn, and explore the world on their terms. Through our community partnerships, our individuals learn new skills that challenge and prepare them for the working world post-graduation. These experiences help us to create a more inclusive community where our individuals share their talents, gain confidence, and build relationships. For us, this means we are searching for various volunteer sites and recreational activities, both of which are geared toward individual preferences and abilities. We’re currently looking for new opportunities:

  • Environments to put newly learned job skills to good use
  • A chance to learn and form new relationships
  • The opportunity to develop work skills
  • A place to develop social skills
  • Experience new work settings
  • A chance to share our gifts

Looking to fill a position?

We can help! Through our current partnerships, we have discovered our presence in the community has a positive impact on the businesses and community members in which we partner with. Take a look at how we can help you and your business in new ways:

  • Help teach tolerance
  • Fill in where help is needed most
  • Feel good! Know that you are giving meaning to someone’s life
  • Educate workers on how to interact with those with special needs

At JPII, we rely on our community’s support to help us bring our mission to life; Volunteering time is just one way our adults (and students) are able to give back!

We currently have some great community partners but are eagerly looking to expand that list. Are you ready to help us create an inclusive community?

Expanding Our Skills

One of our goals is to offer a wide-range of community partnerships for our adults to choose from, that way they can choose their volunteer placement based on interests, abilities, and personal goals.

Skill building doesn’t necessarily start in the workplace, either. By offering opportunities to help out around school, our adults are able to build work skills before they even leave the building! Take a look at our current list of skill-related work our adults are searching for:

Greeting, calling BINGO numbers, selling items, becoming familiar with the community and establishing relationships (can be great with customers that are considered “regulars”)
Copying, scanning, shredding, folding pamphlets, collating, stuffing envelopes, labels, sorting, card-making
Setting tables, serving, clearing, setting up trays, folding napkins, sorting silverware, stocking shelves/fridge, watering plants, counting items, baking, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, matching items, folding, laundry, assembling gift bags or sets of items, drying items, assisting with event set-up

“Volunteers from Reformation look forward to coming here to work with JPII individuals who bring not only smiles but have also helped tie quilts, sort food, play drums, and create cards and crafts to share with others.”

Reformation Church

Community Partnerships

Our individuals help out by converting hard copies into digital copies using a scanning process.
At this church, our individuals help with baking goods for local shelters, sorting food, tying quilts, and creating cards and crafts to share with others.
The blood bank has individuals assemble packets for upcoming events.
Individuals assist with the delivery of meals.
Our individuals help fold and organize donated baby and maternity items.

Social Activities

By offering in-house activities, we aim to increase and maintain skills which can be applied throughout life experiences:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Speech and occupational therapy and physical therapy consulting
  • Pet therapy
  • Cooking
  • Building job skills and daily living skills
  • Physical education
  • Shopping
  • Bowling
  • Trips to restaurants and museums
  • Attending shows and local fairs
  • Nature walks

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