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40 In Faith

Who could have imagined that when we opened our doors in 1982 to 16 students that 40 years later we would have 54 students enrolled and expanded our services to include an adult program with 37 participants.  Growing our mission would have been impossible without the assistance of those who gave their time, talents and treasures from the early times until today. To honor them, we created our Forty In Faith to recognize individuals and couples who have played instrumental roles in our growth, most often quietly behind the scenes.  During our 13th Annual Legacy Gala on April 29 we will present the recipients with a very special award designed by JPII student Cynthia. 

While the list is in alphabetical order, it’s important to note that we begin with Sister Francis Bisland, JPII’s first principal and end with Mary Adams, JPII’s current principal.  They book-end a list that includes those who petitioned the Allentown Diocese to open a school for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as those who have enriched our program throughout the years including: 

  • Those who volunteered in our classrooms, library and on committees.
  • Family members who have been with JPII almost from the beginning and spent many years advocating for our students and adults while helping raise money through early events including craft shows, bingo, golf and plant sales. 
  • Community members whose support has allowed us to provide scholarships, tuition assistance, and therapies. 
  • The founders of two endowment funds for JPII, and those who support them yearly. 

We know that there are many more who we could list, including you, so please know how grateful we are for your support that positions us to celebrate many more anniversaries and milestones.  Thank you.

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, please join us in thanking our Forty in Faith:

  1. Sister Francis Bisland
  2. Dr. Tom Bell and Dr. Natalie Parisi Bell
  3. Jo Chelius*
  4. Ginny Close
  5. Bill and Vicki Combs
  6. Sal and Nanette Cutrona
  7. Virginia Dodge
  8. Michael and Diane Duff
  9. Judy Diffendal
  10. Angela and Dick Ehst
  11. Dr. Frank Franco*
  12. Steve and Kathy Gable
  13. Tom Gwiazdowski
  14. Dick Henry
  15. Jack and Peggy* Horrigan
  16. Paul and Brooke Jakubowski
  17. Sister Janice Johnson*
  18. Dorothy Kase
  19. Dan and Kathy Langdon
  20. Matt and Sandi Lloyd
  21. Mary Maher
  22. Mike and Margie Mizak
  23. Kathy Moffit
  24. Carole* and Ray* Neag
  25. Kathy Nevel
  26. Vince and Mary Lou Parisi
  27. Craig and Sue Perrotty
  28. Priscilla Plucinsky
  29. Craig Poole
  30. Jim and Deb Radwanski
  31. Rocky Santilli
  32. Eric and Jeannie Savage
  33. Sisters of Precious Blood
  34. Turie Sotzin
  35. Kevin and Susan Timochenko
  36. Msgr. James Treston
  37. Cheryl Wagner
  38. Brad and Sharon White
  39. Albert and Pat Young
  40. Mary Adams


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