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A Place for Christopher

“I asked God to help me find a place for Christopher.”
– Leydi B

When your child doesn’t have the tools necessary to learn, what would you do? For Leydi, it meant searching for a school where her son Christopher would be comfortable so he wouldn’t cry every day as he got on the school bus. It meant making the difficult decision against relocating so Christopher could remain at JPII because a prior relocation caused him a lot of stress and anxiety.

“At JPII, Christopher is calmer, and he behaves much better because his teacher understands him,” Leydi says. “She took the time to get to know him and how he can do better. Christopher loves being here. Every day, as soon as he gets off the bus, he empties his backpack and helps me repack it with what he needs for the next day. He wants to go to school. Now, when I put him on the bus, he’s ready to go. He’s so happy.”

“Thank you for providing the opportunity for every single child at JPII to feel comfortable.”

“Christopher brings me so much joy each day, and I feel so blessed to be part of his life.

“Christopher is a non-speaking student with a lot to share. He communicates through pictures, his adaptive switch, and gestures. For this reason, getting to know Christopher required extra care and attention to detail. I learned that he excels when kept in a routine and thrives in the highly structured environment JPII provides him. He is a gentle, happy, and sweet student.

“He has made significant progress in my classroom and walks to our classroom every morning with a smile. He hangs up his things and immediately knows how to get ready for our morning meeting. He loves music and listening to our calendar songs with his classmates. He even helps his peers find the right page when they are behind by turning the page and pointing to what we are working on. His laugh is contagious, and he has a passion for listening to animal noises.

“Everyone could learn more about enjoying the small things from Christopher.” – Kaylee Wadsworth,  Teacher

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