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Giving JP Tuesday

“Exercise has a clear physical effect on our body; making us stronger, positively changing our health, and combating underlying health conditions” – Tara Simmons

Help Us Improve Physical Health And Relieve Stress Through Adaptive Physical Education Program

So many things have changed as a result of the COVID pandemic.  For students and adults at JPII, these changes can be especially difficult.  One sure-fire way to relieve their anxiety and stress is through the adaptive physical education program provided through All Abilities Fitness Center.  Not only do students and adults remain physically active during these sessions, but they also find ways to work through stress and anxiety.  All funds raised during #GivingJPTuesday will fund this program, available to all JPII students and adults, in-person and virtually.

“Exercise has a clear physical effect on our body; making us stronger, positively changing our health, and combating underlying health conditions,” shares Tara Simmons, M.A. COTA/L, Owner/Head Instructor. “But just as important as our physical health, is our mental health. There is abundant research available that highlights the improvements with anxiety and stress when incorporating an exercise routine. With so many changes in routine for our students and adults with special needs, anxiety and stress are at an all-time high. Implementing an exercise program is essential in relieving some of those stressors, while making physical fitness fun and rewarding. The students and adults at John Paul II are engaged and ready to participate! They attend classes and are smiling and work extremely hard. We can see how happy they are when we arrive, and their smiles meet ours!”

Another key component to these sessions is the ability to pivot from in-person sessions to virtual ones.  The ability to make this seamless transition allows JPII students and adults to remain active while maintaining a routine during a time when many things around them may be changing.

Each donation we receive during our Giving Tuesday campaign will be used to fund adaptive physical education through All Abilities Fitness Center for everyone at our center. As we continue to maneuver through the challenges associated with COVID, the need to stay active and engaged physically is much more important.

Liz loves staying active at All Abilities Fitness Center!

What are the Benefits of Adaptive Physical Education?

Several of our adults have Down Syndrome and face the challenge of low muscle tone, while others have Cerebral Palsy, which for some may cause low muscle tone, high muscle tone, or muscle contraction. All Abilities Fitness Center does an amazing job adapting to our individuals’ needs so they can benefit from physical education as well. Benefits include:

  • Improved muscle tone
  • Helping to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improved coordination
  • Introduction of new balancing techniques
  • Improved cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Better flexibility and range of motion

By contributing to #GivingJPTuesday, you are helping to ensure that even with the challenges COVID has provided this year our students and adults will continue to improve their overall physical and mental health and, therefore, their quality of life with All Abilities Fitness Center.

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