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Justin’s Journey to Employment

Justin’s success story really came to fruition this school year.

”At the beginning of this school year Justin started the School to Work program by working at David’s Cleaning Service. With assistance, Justin folds, separates, and counts the laundry at David’s. As the weeks progressed Justin needed less assistance, eventually becoming completely independent. His hard work and willingness to embrace new challenges did not go unnoticed. David saw in Justin what everyone at JPII already knew; that he would be an excellent employee. Everything fell into place. David offered Justin a Work Paid Experience two mornings a week with the hope that he could continue working there after graduation. Coincidentally, Justin lives a couple blocks from David’s Cleaning Service and with the skills Justin learned through Travel Training he is now able to walk independently to work. Upon graduation, Justin will begin to work at least three days a week as a paid employee. He will continue to do their laundry and will be given more responsibility since he has mastered his current tasks.

I could not be more proud of Justin.

I have spent the last six years with him in the classroom, taking him to various work sites and eventually helping him secure a job at David’s Cleaning Service. I have watched him grow into a leader for other students. I also would like to recognize the integral part David Lomnychuk, the owner, has played in Justin’s success. Not only does David support the JPII mission but he has enthusiastically embraced all of Justin’s abilities. I truly believe that Justin is a testament to the difference JPII can have in someone’s life.”

Marlene Knoop, COTA/L

Job Coach

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