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Molli’s Story

“We’ve never had anyone care for Molli the way that your staff does,” – Kellie G

Before coming to John Paul II Center for Special Learning (JPII), Molli had a difficult time in school. Simply getting her on and off the bus became a challenge because she didn’t feel comfortable there. She was non-verbal and didn’t make eye contact. Then, her parents found JPII.

“I have never seen her at ease before,” says her mother Kellie. “She is a totally different child. She even runs out to get onto the school bus, which never happened before.”

The difference?
JPII’s staff worked with Molli to make her comfortable at school, knowing that once she enjoyed coming to school everything else would fall into place.

Today, she’s part of a community. They engage and connect with her. She used to have frequent meltdowns because she didn’t know how to communicate. Now she can communicate with us without melting down by using problem-solving skills. She’s writing, she’s verbalizing, she comes home and tells us stories. She has friends, which she didn’t before.

I never thought it was possible for her to do what she’s doing because I was always told she’d never do things and that my expectations were too high. I knew I could get her there, but not by myself. When we walked through the door, we knew that JPII was for her. Every day before was a bad day, but not anymore.

I know that there is hope for Molli and that she can do it. I have faith in her. When you get the right people to work with your child, good things will happen. I wanted the best for Molli and I found JPII.
– Kellie, Molli’s mom

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