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We Can Make This Work

Tonight I dropped a Chromebook off at Orlando’s house. The Chromebook was all set up, connected and ready to go. I did all this leg work so Orlando would have a smooth transition. I did this so he could be ready for the first day of school. His family chose full-time virtual learning starting this coming Monday. This was the best choice for this student and this family. Everyone’s choice needs to be respected and honored, as this is a first for us all.

Both Ms. Long and I have worked hard to connect and personalize learning for our students since everything changed in March. We have made it our priority to go into the homes and connect directly with our students. 

It was so awesome to visit with Orlando and his mom. I missed that smile under that mask. I could feel it and see it in his eyes. I stayed a bit, we talked, we learned and guess what? I feel better. Orlando can do this, his mom will help us get through this by supporting him and we the teachers can make this work. 

There was a missing piece, a disconnect if you will, in this new world we are asked to teach In. By putting ourselves out there, giving our students and families personal time and connecting on a personal level, it truly gives me hope.  We can do this together; students, famlies, teachers, support staff and schools. We won’t be counted out and we will have an amazing school year at JPII whether at home or in person. I promise!

Mrs. Berkhammer

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