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Clay on Main Mural

A few months ago, we shared a tidbit about a recent trip to Clay on Main, in which our secondary students worked closely with Berks County Poet Laureate, Nancy Yeager, to create a poem. It was planned that this poem would eventually inspire a mural that would be painted on a wall near Clay on Main.
The plan was a success and above you will see an image of what the mural will look like when it’s complete. Each student had a vital part in creating the poem and will take on a similar role in the painting process. Take a look at the poem:

At Clay on Main

Inspired by the words and ideas of the students from the John Paul II Center

Art fills the heart
when hands make things
we never dreamed would be

Love is a wheel
that spins gifts into hugs
when they’re shared with family

From little pieces
a pot of gold
and wishes as many
as hands can mold
With friends and art
our dreams take hold




Life is a wheel
and art fills the heart
and Miss Dolores is the very best part
at Clay on Main.

Nancy Yeager

Berks County Poet Laureate

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