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Meet: Barbara Preston

Barbara Preston: Director of Enrollment and Family Services

It’s no secret, JPII is growing. Growth for us means more individuals are able to attend our School-Age and Adult Programs. In turn, it is our goal to remain a tight-knit family and ensure we are providing all the tools necessary for everyone to find success. Because of this growth, our staff is expanding and we thought we would start to introduce some new faces at JPII! This month, get to know Barbara Preston in her interview with Mrs. Berkhammer:

Mrs. Berkhammer: When did you start at JPII?

Ms. Preston: 10/03/16

B: So as the Director of Enrollment and Family Services, how would you describe your job?

P: First, I am helping Mrs. Adams with increasing enrollment and getting more students to attend John Paul II. If you need assistance with getting waiver resources for your child I can help you through that process. Please help spread the word about our wonderful programs to other families! I can also help with locating resources you and your family may need in your community. Please feel free to contact me at any time for assistance!

B: That’s wonderful! So what do you like most about working at John Paul II?

P: The wonderful students and adults in our programs. They are a joy to spend time with.

B: Speaking of wonderful students, two of my own students have questions for you. The first comes from Nathaniel who asks, “What is your favorite color?”

P: That is a tough question because I like so many! But looking in my crayon box, some of my favorites are Periwinkle Blue, Copper, and Magenta.

B: The second question comes from Cruz who asks, “What is your favorite food?”

P: That’s an easy one. Scallops wrapped in bacon!

B: So, how did you find out about JPII?

P: I knew about JPII from working at AIM.  There were clients that attend JPII and still do!  I knew adults like Logan…

B: Everyone knows Logan!  She is the social butterfly of JPII. So in your spare time, do you have any hobbies that you enjoy doing?

P: Well, I live in a 165 year old house so I love antiquing and treasure hunting for period pieces to fill the house. I also enjoy gardening when I am not antiquing.

B:  Do you have any pets that live with you?

P: I have an ancient cat that I saved from an animal shelter I volunteered at. His name was Clinton, but now I call him Yoda because he is old and wise.

B: Are there any other fun facts that we should know about you?

P: I bake homemade, family recipes from scratch.

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