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Today’s Gift Creates Lasting Legacy

Teacher Excellence Endowment Fund

Planned gifts are very personal. They come from the heart and provide donors with the opportunity to create their lasting legacy. While these gifts are often made as bequests, it is possible to provide a planned gift today so you can see its immediate impact.

Mrs. Maher teaches via Zoom to her virtual sudents

At the end of 2020, one couple – who wishes to remain anonymous – did just that by creating the John Paul II Center (JPII) Teacher Excellence Endowment Fund through the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania. This fund provides annual honorariums that recognize the outstanding work and tireless effort performed by all Diocesan classroom teachers and teacher aides in JPII’s school-age program.

“The teachers and aides at JPII give so much of themselves to help students grow and succeed in achieving their goals at all learning levels. We want this fund to recognize and thank the teachers and aides at JPII for their care and commitment to their students,” they said.

The decision to create the endowment now instead of after they pass is one that came from their heart.

Mrs. Kreska prepares student binders.

“It has been in my heart for many years to do something to show my appreciation to the staff for their dedication to helping each individual student find success. My husband and I discussed it and realized there was no reason for us to wait until after we pass to set up this endowment. If God puts something in your heart and you can do it now, there really is no reason to wait,” she says.

This fund is the second endowment fund benefitting JPII. Established by Jack and the late Peggy Horrigan in March 2011, the John Paul II Center for Special Learning Endowment Fund provides unrestricted funds for any purpose or project in the education of JPII students with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The endowment ensures that critical educational and therapeutic programs, special projects, and resources are available annually to all students.

While the couple’s decision to establish the fund was a personal one, they hope that their decision to do so will inspire others to follow their hearts when supporting an organization.

“Creating the fund now provides us the opportunity to see the impact of our gift during our lifetime,” she says. “My heart is filled with joy knowing that through this fund the JPII teaching staff will always know how much they are appreciated for their dedication to their students.”

For information about supporting JPII’s endowment funds or on planned giving, please contact Melissah Jablonski at

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