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Garden Renovations

Garden Renovations

Thanks to funding raised through our Legacy Gala, a topsoil donation, and some amazing friends (Priscilla, Edwards Landscaping, Berks Soil and Stone) and volunteers, our garden renovation is looking great! Take a look at the progress.

The old walkway surrounding our garden made it difficult to safely walk and move around in a wheelchair in our garden.

Another view of the old, uneven walking path.

Edwards Landscaping pulled up the old pavers.

After creating an even base, the old pavers were put back in place.

Edwards was able to nicely incorporate the capital campaign donor bricks into the design!

Our friends from Edwards also helped out with mulching!

The Edwards crew placing the pavers around the newer sections of the garden.

We also have friends at Berks Soil and Stone that kindly donated fresh topsoil

….A lot of topsoil!

Volunteers help move the topsoil from the parking lot into the garden.

Placing the topsoil.


Topsoil is nicely placed.

More topsoiling!

Thanks to our friends from Exeter and Mifflin High Schools!

Our volunteers are the best. The planting has commenced.

Thanks to the beautiful new (and level) pathway, those in wheelchairs now have safe access to every part of our garden.

Pete was able to get up-close to the raised planters, something that was difficult before the renovation.

Jared helping with the planting process.

Jessie got in on the planting action as well.

Lindsey getting a helping hand at the raised planters.

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